IoT Control Box

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Iot Control Box

Data can be collected from sensors with different communication interfaces through the IoT Control Box. It controls the sensors within the rules defined for it. It ensures that the collected data is transmitted to the Central Control unit.

Technicial Specifications,

* LORAWAN communication protocol

* 2 channels 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10V analog input

* 2 channels digital input

* 1 RS422/RS485 communication interface

* 1 RS232 communication interface

* 1 250VAC-5A Relay output

* Built-in GPS location determination system

* NFC interface for software and configuration

* Operating voltage range 16 -30 VDC

* Operating temperature -40 +85°C

* IP67 Protection

Central Control Unit

Central Control Unit is the unit where all system data is collected and stored and carries out Monitor and Control functions.

The following operations can be carried out to individual units and unit groups via the Central Control Unit:

* Setting the sending frequency in normal state

* Setting the sending frequency in case of alarm

* Setting threshold levels for analog sensors

* Ability to turn off unused sensors