Cloud-Based Intercom

Cloud-Based Intercom

GateConnect is a Cloud Base Intercom system which enables remote Access control of your home or building. Your guests call your flat number and you can see, talk and give access to them even you are away from home.

Technical Features

  • Connection Options via Ethernet/ Wi-Fi or GSM lines
  • Multiple user definition per flat.
  • Multiple Door Control
  • NFC- based access
  • Password-based access
  • Video or Photo recording (Optional)

System Components

  • Control Panel: A multifunctional User-friendly Door Bell Panel
  • Server Application: The Cloud-based management software
  • Mobile Application: Control and monitor your Gates

How the system Works

  • Guests dial the number of flat via the Door Bell panel
  • A voice / video call is directed to the assigned user
  • Incoming calls are answered via the GateConnect mobile application
  • In case no answer, the call is redirected to the next user defined
  • The user can see the guest and can open the door with the mobile application.
  • Alternatively, NFC or Password base Access to the gate is possible
  • Users can access call history records (date, time, etc.) through the application.

Why GateConnect

For modern cities and buildings, especially after Covid times and with the increase of online shopping, remote Access Control systems with Security features are required.

Full Remote Online Access to you Gates

Increase Security

Single House or Site Installation

Cost Effective