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Lotec Cloud Services

As AWS Partner company, our Cloud-Based Software Development services are designed to support your digital transformation journey.

Key Benefits

  • Cost-Effectiveness:Pay only for the resources you use and minimize your costs.
  • Scalability:Easily scale your business and quickly adapt to changing needs.
  • Security:With AWS’s comprehensive security features, always protect your data.
  • Innovative Solutions:Propel your business into the future with the latest cloud technologies.

Software Development Services

  • IoT
  • Smart Cities & Buildings / Homes
  • Avionics
  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Lighting
  • Other


  •  Analysis: We analysis your business needs
  • Design: We perform best innovative and cost effective design for you
  • UX/UI: Our experts help you to build most effective and attractive user interfaces
  • Development: Our Agile teams develop your Web & Mobile applications.
  • Test: We test your software in various aspects: Functional, Performance, Load etc
  • Maintain: We can help you maintain your business


We specialize in Web and Mobile-based software development . UX/UI design and AI solutions delivering innovative solutions across various business domains. Our commitment is to provide high-quality services at best prices, dedicated to optimizing our clients’ operations with tailored solutions.

High Quality

Best Prices

Expert Team

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