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Cloud Based Building Intercom.

What is LOTEC Cloud Based Building Intercom?

In today’s buildings (sites, apartments or detached houses), systems and technologies developed years ago are still used.

  • Thanks to Cloud-Based Building Intercom, flat owners will be able to control their doors and see incoming visitors at any time, regardless of their location.
  • The system consists of a control panel, server software on the cloud and a mobile application.
  • The calls made by guests coming to the flats or buildings from the control panel are recorded as calls on mobile phones. The user can see the person coming via his mobile phone and can open the door if he wishes. If the first defined user cannot answer the call, the call goes to the next users sequentially.
  • Additionally, if desired, all entries and exits can be recorded and monitored for security in the future.
  • The system is designed with an easy interface and offers ease of use.

Usage and Economic Advantages of LOTEC Cloud Based Building Intercom,


  • Cost efficiency thanks to cloud technologies,
  • Easy installation as there is no need for infrastructure and cabling,
  • Control of multiple addresses via the same doorbell panel,
  • Opening the door with one button,
  • Protection against theft,
  • Cargo and order control,
  • mobile application,
  • Switching with NFC,
  • Passing with password,
  • Multiple User opportunity,
  • Live video calling and recording,
  • SIM card support,
  • WIFI/Ethernet support,
  • Reporting,
  • It provides many advantages such as Ease of Central Building Management.