The Thermostat with
DALI Interface

The Lotec thermostat enables the system integrators to use thermostat solution in their DALI networks for smart home solutions.

    • Up to 300 meters of mesh network infrastructure (No need for the BUS structure)
    • No need for manual numbering, it automatically determines its own identity.
    • All settings by the function keys on the thermostat or over the DALI interface.
    • The programmable buttons for control of other devices on the same DALI network.

Other Functions;

    • Heating, cooling, ventilation modes
    • Built-in temperature sensor to measure ambient temperature
    • Ability to add external temperature sensor up to 30 meters with 1-wire interface
    • Automatic / manual fan speed control
    • Real-time clock
    • Stylish white backlight TN LCD
    • Low temperature protection
    • Direct supply from mains power

The thermostat with DALI interface meets all the functions required by the air conditioning systems in a simple, straightforward interface and in a way that can be used by everyone.

2019 LOTEC Company