Smart Technologies

In today’s world, technology is spreading all over the world. In this Industry 4.0 period, ”Internet of Things (IoT)” enables to connect all devices, tools and objects to each other intelligently.

According to future predictions; in 2020, 1 million devices per hour will be online; in 2025, 60% of information technologies will work on the cloud. Similarly, in 2020, 100 million consumers will use virtual reality solutions for shopping all around the world and 30% of internet usage will be through wearable technologies without the need for screen usage.

Smart homes, smart cities, automation, artificial intelligence, cyber security, cloud, virtual reality, wearable technologies will be important technologies of today and near future.

Every new system or product in these areas will provide competitive advantage. Unfortunately, today, still there is no adequate indigenous solution in these areas. As LOTEC, our aim is to provide services that can meet this need.

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