Smart Lighting Unit With
Wireless Communication Interface

Today, the majority of existing lighting units do not have central control interfaces. For a small number of controllable lighting units, the initial installation and cabling process is costly and difficult. With the wireless interfaces, it is possible to have a smart lighting solution with lower installation, maintenance and operation costs. The system provides energy savings up to %60.


  • The system consists of wireless controllable lighting units with DALI interface. Thanks to central control the necessary lighting levels can be adjusted depending on time, geographic region, weather conditions etc.
  • The system provides energy saving, national energy consumption costs are decreasing and the life of the lighting unit (LED etc.) is prolonged.
  • Since the lighting unit will have wireless communication, it has fast and low installation costs. Energy consumptions can be monitored in real time and defective units can be determined as point and the defective units are replaced immediately
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