Smart Building Solutions

Smart Building Solutions offer smart systems in a wide range of applications such as Home, Hotel and Business areas. All heating / cooling of the rooms, control of the lights and curtains and similar tasks will be automated.

Smart Relay

Smart relay can control various units (Lamp, curtain, etc.). It will have a modular structure with 2-4-8-16 relays. Relay currents will be 2, 4 or 8 A 16 A. The relays can be controlled independently of each other. It can be mechanically mounted on a DIN rail.

Smart Interface Unit

The Smart Interface Unit is for monitoring and controlling digital and analog interfaces. In addition, on off and analog outputs and peripherals can be controlled. There are Ethernet, DALI, RS232 etc. interfaces.

Smart Switch

The smart switch will have DALI interface. It can have different number of buttons within the same frame. Each button can be programmed independently of each other. Buttons will be able to perform the various functions

Agricultural Without Soil

Increasing world population, decreasing and infertilization of agricultural lands, increase in food prices, the demand for organic products show that new solutions are needed in agriculture. The most important development in this regard is the non-soil and closed area agricultural solutions. In this solution, all the necessary elements are given to the plant as an liquid nutrient solution (inorganic salts) by mixing with a certain percentage. Fully controlled and organic products can be obtained with the use of Led lamps in the indoor area instead of sunlight.

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